“Working with Katie has been an absolute pleasure. She guided us through the process with ease, asking the right questions, and giving the right advice to help us tailor her talents to fit perfectly with our project. She completed her work for us very quickly and with a high level of professionalism. We will definitely be contacting her for more work in the future.”
- Sennea Raslan, Director of Operations, Stamford Public Education Foundation
"Katie is our go-to VO talent. She’s responsive and professional, an absolute joy to work with.”
- Kristen Lynn, Manager of Interactive Design & Development, Learning Lens, Inc.

Katie’s got a background in advertising and publishing, top-notch voiceover training, and what should be a PhD in the equally darling and head-shaking reality of raising boys.

She’s that cool mom with a past and a presence that you love to hear and be near. She dials into the script and her sound to consistently deliver those real and raw sensibilities that are as engaging and enjoyable as they are believable. And if she can’t make it to book club, you might as well cancel.

When Katie’s not busy recording pro VO in her home studio, you’ll find her carting around a gaggle of iPhone and hockey stick wielding juveniles or removing yogurt and ketchup shellacked dog hair from her floors with a toothbrush, which she may or may not put back in the boys’ bathroom when she’s done, depending on the day.